10 Stereotypes That Aren’t Always True!

Women have it tough these days, but our struggles only seem to intensify with every passing day. The world is a hostile place for women, and not just because of the obvious dangers and atrocities we face on a daily basis. The constant scrutiny and discrimination we face day in and day out is a big factor in our struggle as well.  This is evident in the constant barrage of negative gender stereotypes about women and gender differences that do nothing but make a life for us less easy.

These days, everyone seems to have an opinion on everything and nothing is ever black and white. Even in the age of the Internet where information is accessible to everyone and never hidden, some gender stereotyping still persists. The good news is that we’re here to bust some of the most common ones about women’s gender stereotypes and the gender gap. The following list is sure to make you feel a little better about the annoying things people say about women’s gender stereotypes!

1. Women are emotionally unstable and fragile

Women have been stereotyped as being emotionally unstable and fragile throughout history. But is this gender identity really true? Research studies show that women are just as emotionally stable as men.

Still, some women do experience anxiety, which can sometimes be triggered by certain situations or environments. You should never feel ashamed or guilty for this if it is something you deal with, and you should seek help if you need to.

2. Women like to gossip 

Women are often stereotyped as being the gossip. But is this really true? It may seem like it because women are seen as being more talkative than men, but is it really a bad thing? Women who gossip may not be talking about you or anyone else you care about. More often than not, they are talking about the gossipy topics that are usually the centre of rumours and unsavoury stereotypes. This can ruin a relationship and make you feel very uncomfortable in social situations where you used to feel at ease.

3. Women like to dress and accessorise but prefer to leave the work to men

Many cultures still hold onto the idea that women are only good for looking pretty and wearing make-up, but this stereotype is far from true for most women. Women are just as capable of dressing and accessorizing as men are. In fact, dressing well can be much harder for women, given that they have to consider what is acceptable for them as well as for society at large.

However, women do have a huge advantage over men when it comes to this aspect of fashion. Women’s fashion is a constant source of inspiration and creativity due to the fact that most fashion is designed with the female body in mind. So, while men dress according to the latest trends, women have the opportunity to create new, more inventive styles and designs.

4. Women prefer to stay at home 

Some people believe that women prefer to be at home and do housework, but this stereotype does not hold true for most women. For example, most women would rather spend time with their family or spend time with their friends than be stuck in the house doing chores.

Women often get stereotyped as being less capable than men in certain aspects, and the idea that they are only good at the housework is one of them. This is an example of gender bias.

5. Women are only good at childcare

Many people believe that women are only good at caring for children, but this is not true either. Women are more likely to have a natural instinct for caring for children and for looking out for their well-being.

It is important to note that men cannot just become “mamas” overnight, but they can learn how to be better caregivers and be great female role models for their children with practice.

6. Women are only good for making sandwiches and taking care of the home

The stereotype about the only thing a woman is good for is being a housewife and taking care of the home is slowly dying out. But it’s still very clear in our minds. It’s a shame though because it is just not true. Women are not only good for taking care of the home. They can be successful in every field if they work hard enough.

Women can provide for the family and be successful at the same time. Successful women shouldn’t be made to feel like they should stay at home and take care of the family. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to tell someone who makes this mistake!

7. Women are bad drivers

This one is so pervasive that it is more of a stereotype than anything else. Yes, there are some bad drivers out there, but that doesn’t mean all women drivers are bad. In fact, the stereotype is so pervasive that people don’t even realize it. And it’s not like women have just been given a permit to drive and suddenly they are doing things wrong.

A survey was conducted across the UK and the results were not at all what people expected. It turns out that men are twice as likely as women to be involved in a car accident. And people are totally clueless about it.

What this shows is that men are far more likely to be in a car accident than women. What is also true is that men and women are equally responsible for car accidents.

This does not mean we should stereotype all men as bad drivers. However, the fact that we are stereotyping all women for it is a little concerning.

8. Women aren’t good at math

Women are not good at math. This is a common stereotype that people have about women. The truth is that there are women who are good at math and there are men who are good at math! The same intellectual ability. What makes one better than the other is the fact that there are no stereotypes involved.

9. Women are drama queens

The drama queen stereotype is one of the most annoying negative stereotypes about women. It is completely false and women do not have to be drama queens to be annoying. Yes, there are women who love drama and can create havoc in their lives but that doesn’t mean all women are like that.

A drama queen is someone who goes overboard and creates chaos in their lives just for the sake of drama. That is not all women and it is completely wrong to think so.

10. Women can’t do anything physically strenuous

This one is just so frustrating because it’s not true. Men can’t do anything physically strenuous either, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be a stereotype people have about them. We know women who are great athletes, great dancers, great swimmers, and all sorts of other great people who do a lot of physically strenuous activities. This one is just a glaring example of the sexism women face on a daily basis.



While we can’t change the world overnight, we can do our small part to change the world for the better. Use these 10 stereotypes about women as a starting point and make them something else entirely. They’re just stereotypes, so do what you always do and let your personality shine through. These stereotypes are definitely not who you are and can easily be replaced with a new and better stereotype. Gender equality at last!

Women have been through a lot throughout history and will continue to face adversity for a long time to come. This is why it is so crucial for every person to have a positive mindset, be kind to others, and work towards making their community a better place for all people to live in.


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