8 Totally Hot Female Masturbation Positions

Whenever it comes to basic, old-fashioned DIY thrill, masturbation is among the most satisfying activities to loosen up, unwind, and treat yourself to a pleasant night. 

Not only is vaginal and anal masturbation enjoyable, free, and extremely convenient, it can certainly make your sexual life more pleasurable. It’s good for the body too, so you should be doing it more frequently. 

Self-love using your hand, or something else from your sex toys collection, or a special household object as an oral sex simulator, are all good.

Women that masturbate are much more prone to experience orgasms during coupling sex, and we agree that this effect is due to the greater sexual satisfaction and awareness of the body. 

Are you committed to enhancing your solo play? Below are several amazing hot solo sex positions that you never thought you needed.

#1 Solo Spoon

You are your very own big spoon. Lie on one side, using both hands, naturally, or with a dildo or vibrator to activate your clit. It is just how much clitoral stimulation you need. 

This posture is highly conducive when viewing porn, and the weight of your upper leg is pushing down on all fours or the toy you are using can help provide additional pressure and friction to your erogenous zones, essential to achieving an orgasm. 

You’re a fierce-ass lady, so truthfully you don’t even need to have partner sex to establish intimacy. You can do all of it for yourself. Who wants a dick when you’re sporting a vibrator?

#2 The wall bend

Masturbating against any wall is erotic. No disparity in height to consider! 

Blood flows to your vaginal canal as you’re standing, and that allows for bigger and more powerful orgasms.  You’re going to be using a bullet vibrator or just your fingers when you’re standing facing the wall. 

Open the legs loosely and slowly lean forward on the wall, making an “L” shape and using one hand for support. The other hand is used to reach in between your legs.

#3 Sexy Bathtime

To several vulva owners, the bathtub is usually their first-ever off-site venue. The steam, lack of clothes, and a detachable showerhead only with the right heat and pressure is essentially the ultimate formula for an orgasm. 

So light those scented candles, refill the tub, lay back, and then let the faucet run water to your inner thighs and clit.

#4 Do it face down

You can do it on the floor, in your bed, or on a sofa. What you need for this position is a flat area and your sex toy, a butt plug or any dildo you have. 

Facedown is a common posture as the additional weight of the body causes more pressure on the clitoris or your anal sweet spots, amplifying the sensations. 

Lie face down, just use one hand to hook the vibrator between your legs and place it below you at a 45 ° angle. 

Let gravity do the job as your weight put more additional pressure on the vibrator or the vibrating butt plug, building up maximum force and tension to bring you to a climax.

#5 Opening Up

You’re either seated on a dining chair or just sitting on a chair that doesn’t have arms. Curl your feet as well as ankles into the legs of the chair, keeping your legs wide open. 

This position allows you a lot of access to all the delightful parts between your thighs, and when you orgasm, you may hold your legs against the legs of the chair. 

You will feel some unique and often much more extreme stimuli than you normally do by displaying more portions of your vulva.

#6 The Flick and Fly

Yogis, this stance is popular with you. It’s a sexified lotus pose. 

Because you are sitting, your clit could be comfortably reached with your fingers or while using a clit sex toy. It also generates tension in the pelvic floor muscles. 

An orgasm is just a sequence of muscle contractions, being in this position will contribute to making the orgasm better and more powerful.

#7 The Pretend Lover

Imagine that you got a pretend lover!  Place a dildo on a chair or maybe even on your bed and lower yourself downwards until you find the sexual pleasure you want, rubbing yourself as you ride. 

And if you can’t make it cum with penetration, it’ll still feel truly spectacular to be penetrated. 

You might have to use your hands to keep the toy stable. Ride your dildo as quickly or as gradually, however you choose. Simultaneously, after this solo activity, massage your clitoris or you may play with your nipples.

#8 Mirror, Mirror

The mirror may be used to gaze at yourself. The aim is to place your body in a relaxed way, but also to see your features while you keep a mirror between your thighs. 

What works best for you varies based on these factors such as leg muscle strength, agility, endurance, and limb size. 

You may lean against the headboard with the legs stretched out in front of you, or perhaps you can stand up with one leg on the ledge.

By seeing yourself in a mirror, you will be able to know and associate self-pleasure sensations with specific strokes and points on your vulva.

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