A Rosemary Oil Hair And Scalp Treatment: Benefits, Results, And Ways To Use

There is much more to the herb than just flavouring food. Make sure you read this before applying it.


If you’ve noticed that your hair hasn’t been looking quite as full and voluminous as it once was, you’re not alone. Many people experience hair loss or thinning hair at some point in their lives, and there are so many reasons why it can happen. Everything from hormones to diet and stress can affect the appearance and quantity of your hair.

While there are plenty of great products on the market that can help you get thicker and healthier locks, some come with a high price tag and a risk of skin irritation. But, there is a more natural and affordable option that may do the trick.

Of all the oils available for moisturizing skin and hair, rosemary oil may not be the first to come to mind. Although, it’s quite versatile. In addition to its aromatherapy and food seasoning capabilities, rosemary oil for hair also has quite a few damage restoration benefits.

Leave it to TikTok and Instagram to hype up its greatness even more—with claims that the oil can help stimulate hair growth. But is it true? Many other users have posted their own success stories on the app — and videos featuring rosemary oil hair products.

What is rosemary oil?

First things first. Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary oil is a pale liquid oil from the rosemary plant which has a herbaceous aroma. It’s often used in perfumes, skincare, and haircare as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial ingredient.


Can you use rosemary oil for hair loss?

Rosemary oil isn’t only potentially beneficial for hair growth, but it looks promising for hair loss, too. 

Rosemary oil has been compared to minoxidil for its ability to improve circulation on the scalp and even encourage cellular turnover, which can both improve hair growth and help prevent hair loss. And thanks to its also anti-inflammatory properties, it could potentially help prevent many forms of alopecia and other hair-loss conditions as well.


Is rosemary oil good for hair growth?

Rosemary (yep, as in the herb on your cooked potatoes or the sprig in your fancy cocktail) is part of a family of aromatic herbs that also includes basil, lavender, and sage. The best quality carrier oil is obtained from the flowering tops of the plant, and the ingredient is not only known for its fragrant aroma and uses in the kitchen but also for its stimulating, soothing, and pain-relieving properties.

The natural compounds were shown to have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and analgesic—pain-reducing—properties. Thanks to all of its properties, rosemary oil has been used for centuries to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, prevent hair loss, slow down greying hair, and help with dry scalp and dandruff. As if that list of benefits wasn’t impressive enough, applying rosemary oil on hair strands could even reduce hair breakage and split ends. And guess what? It’s got the evidence to back it up.

How to use rosemary oil for hair growth

Rosemary essential oil is a great option for stimulating hair growth because it’s an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial ingredient that helps maintain the scalp health and improve hair growth. It’s a great option for stimulating hair growth because it has active compounds that stimulate hair follicles and promote the production of healthy strands.

You can use rosemary essential oils in your homemade shampoo or conditioner to encourage the growth of strong, healthy hair. You can also massage a few drops of rosemary essential oil into the scalp after showering to stimulate blood supply and help better distribute nutrients throughout the scalp. 

Here’s how you do it:

Homemade shampoo

Add 10-15 drops of rosemary essential oil into one cup (250 ml) of coconut milk for an excellent DIY shampoo for encouraging healthy, long-lasting hair growth! 

Coconut oil/milk is rich in proteins which are great for nourishing the scalp and moisturizing dry, damaged strands. Massage this homemade shampoo into wet strands from root to tip after showering. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Homemade rosemary conditioner

Add 10-15 drops of rosemary essential oil into one cup (250 ml) of aloe vera gel for an excellent DIY conditioner for encouraging healthy, long-lasting hair growth! 

Aloe vera is known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties which help nourish the scalp and improve hair growth. Massage this homemade conditioner into the scalp after showering. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Blend into shampoo or conditioner

Add it to your shampoo or conditioner to get the benefits while washing your hair. Just be sure to thoroughly wash your hair to get the product out well.

Use rosemary oil products

Alternatively, instead of playing scientist and adding rosemary essential oil to other products, you can use ones that already include the ingredient.


The takeaway

Turns out there might be some truth to those pure rosemary oil rumours after all. Unlike most hair growth remedies, this one has the studies to back it up. But as is the case with most hair growth remedies, don’t expect results overnight. As great as a rosemary oil concoction might be for calming inflammation, it’s no magic hair cocktail—but hey, it might be worth a shot.


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