Essential Items For Those Ladies Golf Trips

Organising ladies golf trips can be a complex task. It requires intricate planning, attention to detail and an eye for hospitality. What makes it all the more difficult is that a variety of essential elements must be considered to make the experience enjoyable, comfortable and memorable.

When planning a golf trip, it is essential to ensure that all players have access to the right equipment. This includes obvious items such as clubs, balls, glove and tees for enjoying a game of golf.

In addition, having access to proper apparel and footwear can also add to the overall comfort level when playing on the course. From getting the right equipment to selecting the perfect destination, this article will provide an overview of what is essential for ladies’ golf trips.

Golf Bag Essentials:

Insulated Water Bottle

Ensure your bottle is well-insulated so that a cold (or hot) drink stays cool during your 18-hole round of golf. Any round has a minimum time frame of 3 hours so staying hydrated is essential. Fill the bottle at every water cooler or fountain because you never know how long the round will take.

The importance of remaining hydrated is essential no matter the occasion during your ladies’ golf breaks, especially during hot weather. Avoid dehydration and potential headaches by drinking water when you can. Most golf bags will have plenty of storage for bottles and some now have insulated pockets to keep your water cool on the hottest days.

Sunscreen And Lip Balm

We all know that we should protect themselves from the sun’s harmful radiation to help prevent skin cancer and slow down their skin’s ageing process.

A round of golf will expose you to the full glare of the sun so staying protected is another essential tip for you.

Sunscreen should be on hand and applied before and during your round (approximately every two hours is great). Many golfers are recognisable due to the colour of their necks so application to the neck area specifically will ensure that you avoid sunburn.


Two lady golfers wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for any ladies golf break


It is vital to have a quality pair of performance lenses that protect your eyes against harmful UVA and UVB rays, hold colours true to life, enhance depth perception, and show off greens and fairways in their natural state. It is a bright idea to keep one pair in your golf bag if you often golf enough so you will remember them.

Believe it or not they can actually improve your golf game.

Hat Or Sun Visor

So many golfers are wearing hats and it is not just for the TV advertising. A hat can protect you from the glare of the sun as well as keeping rain out of your eyes. Most lady golfers are wearing a sun visor instead of a full hat which does the same job as well as adding that all-important stylish look to your outfit.

Lightweight Rain Jacket

You don’t have to let bad weather ruin your golf game. When rain showers strike unexpectedly, keeping a small easily stored jacket or poncho in your golf bag will be a great idea. Always consider bringing a lightweight waterproof jacket even if the weather looks good when teeing off.

Small Emergency Kit

A little kit like this is always helpful on ladies’ golf trips; you never know when you might need it.  Golf is not known for being a dangerous sport but having essential items for blisters, small abrasions cleanliness will help you enjoy your golf day even more. Aspirin, antiseptic towelettes, hand sanitiser, and insect repellent are all recommended to store in your kit. Pre-made packs are available from most golf shops, or you can make your own.

Golf Towels

In addition to retaining water, these should allow you to dig into your iron grooves and remove dirt.  Drying hands and golf club grips can help your game improve. One tip is to take more than one for those rainy golf days that we cannot avoid.

Mini Essentials

Divot repair tool, ball marker, mini sharpie, and a pencil. One tip is to use a tee to remove any dirt from the grooves in your irons although you can buy a specific tool for this it is not totally necessary.


Energy bard stacked atop of each other

Golf is a long day so staying fuelled is essential


Energy bars fuel the body for those long games on the course. Chocolate bars are a popular choice amongst golfers as they have instant energy release and fruit, especially bananas are great to help you on that round of golf.

Technology That May Be Useful

Range-finding devices, such as laser rangefinders or GPS units have become very popular amongst golfers in recent years. It might surprise you to find out that rangefinders are not only for professionals but also for amateurs! With a decent one, your round will move along faster, your shots will be hit closer to the hole, and your club selection will improve..

In Conclusion

A golf day for ladies is not just about the course and which clubs you have. Being prepared for a long round means packing as many essential items into your golf bag as possible.

Remaining hydrated and well fuelled are the most necessary tips for any golfer but being ready for weather conditions, injuries and ways to improve your play will add up to you enjoying that round of golf even more.


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