How to Boost Libido: 7 Simple Methods

Media and social expectations push people to feel that they should be always prepared to have sex at any particular time. Even though this is the reality of some individuals, it’s not the case with everybody with healthy sex life.

Libido, sex drive, or sexual pleasure generally varies from person to person. 

Anxiety, sexual problems, women’s sexual health issues, and ageing can all directly impact libido, which might lead to physical and emotional strain. Having got a low libido could ruin a person’s connection and relationship and also the female sexual function. 

When you’re seeking to enhance your sex drive, there are a couple of things you should be doing to improve your enthusiasm. Here’s what the experts are saying. 

Natural ways to boost libido

#1 Manage stress and anxiety

People with demanding work schedules, parenting obligations, or other life pressures may feel drained, leading to low sexual desire leading to sexual dysfunction sometimes. 

Or, if your mind has a feedback loop of justifications you’ve acquired over the years on how you should feel bad regarding sex, or perhaps you feel that your body is too heavy or disgusting. 

Well, now is the time to walk away from it!

Facing high levels of anxiety is a growing obstacle to sexual interaction and libido both for men and women. 

The cortisol, usually referred to as stress hormones, increases once you are stressing out, and this may cause problems with having a great sexual appetite and enthusiasm.

It is important to identify the stressful thoughts as it arises and to shift it to a more positive one. 

You may also seek stress relief practices, such as yoga or exercise. Mindfulness has been shown to help increase the desire for sex as well as sexual functioning, particularly in women. 

Trying to hold your focus on what you do and feel is an effective way to maximize your enjoyment. 

Don’t ever be afraid of asking for advice and guidance if necessary, whether it be from your partner or a therapist.

#2 Get your body moving

You may not genuinely think that the workout you are doing for your body is necessary for great sex, however, it is good to note that blood goes to your genitals as much as it does to your heart. 

Exercising regularly can potentially increase libido in a variety of ways. 

Daily workout has helped men overcome obstacles including body image issues, low sex drive, and changes in relationships. 

Plus, males with erectile dysfunction might also fix this condition by following a balanced lifestyle that involves exercise.

#3 Get plenty of sleep

Sleep influences other facets of your sexual health and behaviour patterns, especially your sexual drive. The lack of adequate sleep is associated with low libido and orgasm problems. 

Another explanation is that the production of hormones is regulated by the body’s biological clock, and sleep cycles are important to help the body decide when those sex-related hormones are released. 

Sleep deprivation would lead to a lack of sexual urge. Therefore in this situation, you should give preference to sleep over sex. You will then notice an improvement in your libido if you take control of your sleeping habits. 

You may also strengthen your stamina, and your sex drive by taking a nap whenever you can and maintaining a nutritious diet rich in protein but low in carbs.

#4 Ramp up arousal and sexual desire

The desire for sex may not normally occur automatically, not 24/7. Most people must get aroused before they may experience desire. 

Be imaginative and explore what turns you on the most. 

You can fantasize and indulge in sexting with your partner, or watch porn together. Reading erotic stories or novels or dancing to sexual music will make a difference while touching and stimulating yourself. 

Experimenting with sex toys is always a major bonus.

#5 Focus on foreplay

Foreplay is especially significant, particularly for women. 

Having a pleasant sexual encounter will increase a person’s appetite for sex, thus enhancing their libido. 

In certain cases, people can boost their sexual interactions by spending much time kissing, touching, incorporating sex toys, and doing oral sex.

#6 Sex toys to boost your low libido

If you’re up for the game, these toys might be your chance to spice things up a bit in your bedroom, and if your low libido is due to any sexual dilemma, these sex toys could just be your ticket for a jumpstart. 

Women who have used vibrators felt significantly greater levels of arousal, lubrication, and excitement, and experienced less discomfort during intercourse and much more orgasms. 

Much the same as a woman, a vibrator and some other sex toys like cock rings, plugs, straps, and more can certainly boost a guy’s libido. 

Sex toys can greatly increase sexual satisfaction in your sex life, and affect sexual desire, enhancing a person’s sex drive and appetite.

#7 Don’t Forget to Use Lubricants 

Applying lubricants all through sexual contact may maximize people’s enjoyment. This reduces friction, discomfort, and irritation. 

Make this a key component of your sexual ritual and have fun! 

You can purchase authentic lube from your local shop or just use regular coconut oil, but make sure to choose a non-latex condom as it will destroy latex.

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