How to Lose Holiday Weight Without Even Trying

We’ve all been there – and some of us are even there right now! Once the holiday season starts, we can’t help but put on a few pounds here and there (and some extra pounds in stubborn and obvious areas like our jaws, chins, and tummies). Most of us tend to shrug it off and hope that we lose it during the year, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones, the holiday weight you’ve gained this year will still be with you once the Yuletide season begins next year – and this is a cycle that seems like it cannot be stopped! But you don’t have to worry just yet, because we’ve got some tricks in the book for you. Wondering how you can lose the added weight this season? Here’s how to lose holiday weight without even trying.

  • Eat slowly

Have you ever wondered why some people maintain their weight with hardly any effort? It may have something to do with how they eat. The trick is to eat slower – when you eat slowly, you are giving yourself more time to digest the calories you consume, and your body will realise that you are full. A study shows that those who eat too fast tend to be obese, whilst those who eat slowly are likely to be at their ideal weight.

They say it takes about 20 minutes for our brain to feel full – and when you chew more slowly and deliberately, you can even produce more of the hormones connected with weight loss.

  • Spice it up

Another way you can lose weight without too much effort is if you spice up your food. For instance, did you know that jalapenos and chilli peppers contain capsaicin, a compound meant to maintain a good metabolism level and boost your body’s fat-burning capabilities? In addition, it has been said that the compound also decreases appetite and limits the intake of calories.

Of course, you can always spur on weight loss by going for Aqualyx injections, designed to help you destroy fat cells naturally – but once you’ve reached your ideal weight, it’s better to maintain it by following the simple rules mentioned.

  • Eat eggs daily

There’s yet another trick you can do to lose weight, and this is a tasty one – eat eggs daily. Eggs, as you may know, are the best food to eat if you want to lose weight, and they are not only low-calorie but also inexpensive, protein-rich, and filled with a variety of nutrients and vitamins.

Foods rich in protein are said to decrease the appetite and increase the feeling of fullness, and when you eat eggs during breakfast, you can lose up to 65% of your overall weight for eight weeks. And since you feel full, this allows you to eat less throughout the day.

  • Sleep enough hours each night

If you want to lose weight without even trying, there’s one thing you can do – and it will be good for your overall health, too: sleep enough hours each night. Some studies showed that people who lack sleep are much more likely to become obese than people who sleep enough. This is because when you are sleep-deprived, the hormones regulating your appetite are disrupted, and this leads to – you guessed it – disrupted appetites!

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