Making Soft Glam Makeup Easy: Styling Tips for Beginners

When it came to makeup, do you remember when sharp eyebrows, harsh contours, and full coverage were all the rage?

There are quite a few TikTok videos comparing beauty in the year 2000 with today, and if you have never seen these videos, chances are you haven’t been paying attention. No matter how good it feels to feel nostalgic, it’s time to move forward from certain crazed beauty fads. This is when soft glam comes into play – a little more glamorous version of the no-makeup look.

In essence, soft glam encompasses all the glams, with a hint of lightness, airiness, and softer makeup, which is full-face makeup that’s been toned down a notch. Makeup with a more subdued look.

It is in to have glowing, dewy skin, and although glam makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be neutral in tone, what creates the ‘soft’ look is the shading. Soft glam makeup does not have sharp edges and a lot of colour contrast.

In what ways do you achieve this? The process is pretty straightforward.

What is soft glam makeup?

Full-glam makeup includes carved-out eyebrows, thick eyeliner, a variety of eyeshadows, glitter galore, and glaring highlighter. In terms of soft glam makeup, think luminous skin, fluffy brows, lightly smoked eyes, and a neutral, natural lip. Are you getting the picture? The look is effortless, smooth, and delicate, allowing you to appear more refined, while still remaining natural.

A soft glam glow depends on the individual, however, I’m looking for a glowy look without the makeup-wearing effect. Basically, it’s a subtler twist on the full makeup style seen everywhere, which involves contouring and fluffy eyelashes.

Natural, fleshy tones are trending instead of bold colours that suit all skin tones. For me, soft glam is all about neutral hues, pink and brown shades, and natural rosy tones, not to mention a glowing complexion to round out the look. You are effortlessly gorgeous but still you! 

When applying soft glam makeup, how do you do it?

To get a sophisticated look, you have to mix, blend, and refine, but you’ve also got to use the ideal tools and methods.

Make sure to keep several soft, fluffy brushing tools on hand to ensure a flawless blend. 

Want to learn more? Learn how to rock soft glam makeup with these 9 steps.

Step 1: Prep your skin

Always prime your face before applying any makeup, even if you think it’s not necessary. This will allow the makeup to glide across the skin and last longer throughout the day. Be sure to use a primer that is suited for your skin type and one that will help keep oil at bay.

Step 2: Darker foundation

Set your base with a foundation that is a shade darker than that of your natural skin tone. 

This will give you a naturally flawless, airbrushed effect as it will counteract any redness and discolouration in the skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, try using an illuminating primer underneath the foundation instead of powder as this will help reduce redness and keep your complexion looking radiant throughout the day. For oily skin types, opt for a mattifying primer instead for long-lasting coverage without having to worry about shine!

Step 3: Concealer

Apply concealer only where needed, such as under the eyes, the sides of the nose and any spots or blemishes. Blend it in using your fingers or a makeup sponge.

Step 4: Loose powder

Set the concealer with a setting powder that matches your skin tone so that it doesn’t crease throughout the day.

Apply loose powder over your entire face to set everything and keep shine at bay. Use a large beauty blender powder brush to avoid excessive application of product on one area.

Step 5: Complexion booster

Add some shimmer to your cheekbones by applying a highlighter on top of your foundation, down the bridge of your nose, along with the cupid’s bow and under your eyebrows. Be sure to blend everything in well so that it looks natural and not overdone!

Step 6: Eyeshadow base

Apply an eyeshadow base all over the lids before you apply any eyeshadow as this will help with blending later on if you wish to create a gradient effect. This will also help your eyeshadow last longer and prevent creasing.

Step 7: Your favourite eyeshadow

Apply the eyeshadow of your choice, either a single colour or a gradient effect. Be sure to blend well and apply it in a way that creates depth. A soft glam look should be all about natural definition, not about strong contouring.

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes by applying some shimmery eyeshadow there using a small brush. You can also use a highlighter here but make sure it is subtle as you don’t want to take away from your eyes!

Step 8: Curl your lashes

Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes, making sure to curl them beforehand for maximum impact. If you want to add more definition to the lashes on the outer corners of your eye, apply some eyeliner there as well with an angled brush and smudge it out with a clean brush or cotton bud so that it looks natural instead of harsh.

Step 9: Finish with a gloss and a lipstick

Add some lip balm to your lips and blot the excess so that the colour is even.

Apply a lip colour of your choice, whether it’s lipstick or a tinted balm. You can use a lip brush for precision or just apply it straight from the tube. Again, go for something flattering and natural rather than too bold as you want to be able to wear this look again in future!


And there you have it! A soft glam makeup look, a seamless finish, that’s perfect for everyday wear and so easy to achieve!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have tried it, do share a picture with us!


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