The Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty

It is not uncommon to want to change the general appearance of your nose.

Whether you wish to remove a bump, decrease the size of your nostrils, make it straighter, make it less flat, or if it is generally just too big, thousands of people every year enquire about a rhinoplasty.

Surgical Rhinoplasty is a well-known and widely successful cosmetic procedure. However, people are often not as well aware of the numerous health benefits this surgery offers.

Below are just a few of the top health benefits of a Rhinoplasty.

Improved Breathing

If you’d pardon the pun, this benefit may be a little “on-the-nose,” but the most obvious benefit is improving your breathing.

A nose job can help clear blocked air passages and clear any restricted airflow to ensure deeper, clearer breaths.

Improved Sinuses

Sinus issues and sinus congestion can be very painful; it can occur when the empty spaces behind your facial bones around your nose and your forehead and upper cheeks become blocked.

Ultimately this can cause pressure to build and cause immense pain. A rhinoplasty, however, can help prevent these issues and alleviate the pressure by enabling the sinuses to drain more easily, providing a greater range of comfort, helping clear the sinus passage, and avoiding unnecessary further sinus-related issues or infections.

Improved Sleep

When people think of how they can improve their sleep, they typically think of how comfortable their mattress, room temperature, or soft their pillow is. What is often overlooked is their breathing.

As we are unconscious at the time, we may not even realise that our breathing is interrupted when we are asleep. Airway obstruction caused by issues such as a flattened nose or blocked sinuses can result in poor sleep quality, leaving us feeling extra fatigued.

A rhinoplasty can eliminate all of these factors and help to eliminate any additional health issues caused by lack of sleep.

If you are a snorer ​​or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this could be a sign of a serious sleep disorder. Rhinoplasty may be recommended to improve your chances of getting restful sleep.

Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Whilst there are many physical benefits, one of the most positive benefits is the confidence it gives you and the improvements it can have on your mental health.

If there is something that you truly feel insecure about in your appearance that is out of your control, why not do something about it!

The impact of genuinely feeling confident in your skin can be life-changing.

Your Nose, Your Choice

Ultimately it’s your choice, and any surgeon will tell you no nose is the same.

The beauty of going to a professional surgeon for this cosmetic surgery is that they will be able to assess your nose and create a custom surgery plan, not only based on how you want your nose to look but the best options for your health with the utmost safety in mind.







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