What Are The Hottest Make-Up Trends For 2022?

2022 is already a big year for makeup. We’ve seen an explosion of experimental makeup trends from graphic liner and offbeat bright eyeshadow shades to Y2K glossy lips and XXL fluffy brows, but in the months ahead these looks will be honed, deconstructed and personalised as shared by a celebrity makeup artist. 

The 2022 makeup trends that have given rise are all about enhancing your best bits. Switching things up is a great way to refresh your entire look and even lift your spirits!

Bold, bright makeup can even make you look younger! You’re styling out a striking look that’s on-trend.

But you don’t have to go all-out for a wild transformation. Sometimes, less is more. Easy makeup looks can still be on-trend. Whether you want to stick to natural makeup looks or a striking new lip shade, a simple change can make a huge difference. 

That’s us convinced. These are the best and most wearable makeup trends to try now.


Makeup trends to try now!

Here, I’ve pulled together the trends dominating the beauty scene this year. Trust me, they’re all so pretty that there’ll be no doubt you’re following the biggest makeup trends 2022 has to offer!

Baby blues

Eyeshadow palettes are making waves in 2022; rainbow eye looks are still very much in fashion! Think iridescent pinks, blues and greens all blended together like oil paints onto your eyelid; you’ll look like you’ve had an incredible night out (even if you’re fresh from bed). The most gorgeous eyeshadows can be created using powder and/or liquid eyeshadow products too—the effect is mind-blowing!

Bring out the glows

One of the biggest makeup trends 2022 is all about celebrating something as simple as a glowing complexion. It might sound basic but there’s nothing quite like that sun-kissed glow–and what follows after an all-night bender!

For an effortless-looking glow (that still looks totally deliberate!) try mixing highlighter with your foundation or tinted statement blush. The best time to do this is while you’re applying your base. 

Simply use a clean brush to tap a lighter shade of foundation over areas you’d like to highlight (cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and any other areas that naturally catch the light). You can also add a dab of highlighter for extra effect!

Lip lines

Lip liners are all the rage. And we’re not just talking about those nude colours that have been on trend for the last few years. When it comes to the biggest makeup trends 2022, think bold and vibrant lip colour—and lots of it-including defining the shape of your lips with a liner that actually defines your mouth as opposed to simply filling it in. Try a lip liner in a colour so hot it’ll be sure to light up your entire face!

Lip gloss

Lip gloss is going to take off in 2022! There’s been a huge fad over the last few years regarding matte lipstick with no gloss; however, all that’s going to change as we start wearing lip gloss and even lip stains every day! Think of all those grown-up pastel-pink lips we’ve seen in magazines over the past year or two–they were always super glossy because they were gliding on with the side of our index finger! Now try using some lip product alongside your finger—the result will be one that lasts three times longer than just using your fingers and leaves behind such a beautiful shine! Next time you find yourself in need of an enhancement of your pout, try out a matte lipstick that comes with a formula that is, well, actually good for the face—but has a glossy lip finish that makes your lips look like they’re on fire!

Makeup as a weapon

If you’re tired of the tired looks you’ve seen on the red carpet over the past few years (I’m looking at you Tom Ford), then it’s time to use one of Hollywood’s favourite new makeup products: cream foundation! Your skin will feel silky smooth and will attain a perfectly dewy skin without looking greasy. Try using eye shadow or bronzer on your cheeks to add a hint of colour or even contouring in order to make yourself look more toned and “defined”. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a dramatic look and there are so many different ways to play around with it.

Cocktail cosmetics

Contouring is all the rage at the moment, but some of the best makeup trends in 2022 might take things even further—by adding a ‘cocktail’ approach to sculpting your face. Brows are going big and bold, cheeks are getting contoured and lips are being highlighted with glittering glosses—don’t forget about bronzer too! This is going to be one incredible look…

Smokey eyes

Some of the most beautiful makeup trends 2022 are all about those smokey eyes; deep, sultry and mysterious. Think inky blacks, silvers, greys and purples. Whether you want to go for a look more towards the grey side of things or more purple is entirely up to you—both looks are going to look utterly gorgeous with a statement lash line!

Bare beauty

Some days, wearing minimal makeup may feel like a massive challenge, especially when going bare feels so restrictive! But as long as you’re not giving up on looking fresh-faced at all costs (i.e.: trading in the foundation for full-on no-makeup) there are plenty of ways to simplify your routine without sacrificing your inner goddess’s signature beauty glow. 

Takeaway tips: If having bare natural brows makes you feel like you’re missing something, opt for a brow powder pigment instead so that your brows are on fleek with just the right amount of definition. It’ll give you the same natural-looking definition that brow pencil does, and it’ll be easier to apply than a pencil too.


Wear your heart on your face

Makeup is all about enhancing your best features—and that includes highlighting the ones less prominent or making them stand out even more. That’s why you’ll see quite a few people sporting cute cat-eye makeup looks in 2022; they make these areas of the face pop and look perfect with minimal effort!

The biggest makeup trends in 2022 are also going to be great for when you want to go glam without having to put in too much effort. They’re so easy to apply and will give you a beautiful glow! If anything ends up looking fake, it should really just be your friends’ compliments on how over-the-top glam you are!


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