How sex toys can improve your sex life

Sex toys have once been known as taboo, shameful, or dirty. To purchase one, you always had to venture inside a dingy, seedy sex toy company where many people felt ashamed to be spotted there. 

Yet as society is becoming more sexually aware, sex toys have become more common in bedrooms across the globe. These toys have come a long way indeed! 

Nowadays, more women have used a vibrator at some point in time, with almost one-fourth using it in the previous month, according to a survey. And despite the common misconception that vibrators are for lone, single ladies, numerous couples are enjoying using one sex toy together.

When you wish to bring new stuff to your sex routine and don’t know where to start, introducing sex toys can be a perfect way to help improve sexual pleasure and attraction for both you and your partner. 

If you’re trying to find new ways to communicate or decide to try something a little special, here are some interesting facts proving that using a sex toy will make your sex life better.

Why should you use a sex toy?

The benefits of using sex toys are irrefutable. Having sex is good for your wellbeing, and if you spice it up using a sex toy, it will add more sexual sensation and satisfaction to your sexual experience. 

Research has shown that creative and imaginative activities can boost you and your partner’s brain to generate dopamine, a hormone that plays an important role in increasing sex drive. Sex improves the metabolism and activates the feel-good factors after an orgasm. 

This will also foster your sexual health and well-being by enhancing your mood and helping you feel comfortable physically and mentally.

Sex toys could help women tighten the vaginal muscles and stimulate the release of vaginal fluid that is essential for the natural vaginal flora. It is extremely significant for older ladies who start losing fluid due to health problems including the use of certain medications. 

Male sex toys, on the other hand, may boost erectile control. Since various types of toys can stimulate the penis, people who can’t have penetrative sex can still have a satisfying sexual experience.

How to have a fulfilling sex life?

Integrating sex toys with your sex life can bring partners even closer while increasing their sense of intimacy and trust. 

What was once thought to be a solo activity, masturbation became a practice done by couples. There are a variety of sex toys available today meant to be used by couples, both during foreplay and during intercourse. 

Using sex toys will get friends together and increase their level of intimacy. 

Masturbation was once considered to be a solo activity, but it has now become a couple’s activity. There are many sex toys currently available that are designed for use by couples, including during foreplay as well as during actual intercourse. 

These do not exactly fill the role of conventional lovemaking, but instead, they are supposed to bolster it, ensuring that both partners feel satisfied and fulfilled. 

For certain women who can not reach orgasm on their own by penetrative sex, sex toys improve the situation. There are sex toys that can provide clitoris stimulation in a manner that sex can’t do on its own.

Sometimes men complain that they sense the pressure to always perform. Having sex toys can help ease this burden, helping both men and women to just relax and fully enjoy the moment. 

Using a sex toy will offer each of you immense sexual satisfaction even if penetrative sex is not possible. Sometimes couples are unable to have intimacy and sex caused by physical or emotional issues, but using a sex toy may help. 

Lastly, sex toys offer an opportunity to discover what feels good. You may use a vibrator to explore the various parts of the genitals, and the whole body, then you may figure out just what turns you on and especially what excites your partner.

How to introduce sex toys to a relationship?

There is indeed a great deal of reluctance concerning sex toys, particularly if you were raised at a period when sex was taboo. 

You and your partner may feel awkward, or you may be trapped with outdated stereotypes. 

But even if you liked it, there may be a voice in your mind warning you that buying a sex toy is a wrong act. It’s just making you apprehensive. 

An open and truthful dialogue is crucial. Try and convince your partner how you feel regarding your sexual life and how you’d like to enjoy it more.

Right timing

You should, of course, pick the right time to raise the issue. Be sure it’s when you’re the most intimate and alone. For example, you can start discussing sex toys before you go to bed or even after you start waking up. 

Some people would prefer to make small talk outside of the bedroom, attempting to make it a much more relaxed dialogue. You may want to discuss the subject, to see the response of your partner before you propose the idea that you’d like to try it out. 

Establishing trust while talking about sex toys is a smart idea. Therefore, discussing the subject of sex toys at the onset of a sexual relationship may not be a wise decision. Your new partner may believe you’re complaining that he or she does not at all satisfy you.

Be specific on your choice of toy

You’ve got to have an understanding of the kind of sex toy you would like to try. Explain to your partner about your preferred sex toy and just how you believe it can make your sex life better. 

You may have to explore and try before you can find the one which suits you. Also, it depends on whether you choose to do it on your own or while engaging with your partner.

Don’t be too pushy

If your partner is perhaps not willing to take part, just let go of the subject, in the meantime. 

You may re-introduce the topic after a few weeks, but just be mindful not to push too much. Sex toys are meant to add pleasure, not strain, to your sex life.

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