Female Orgasms: Things You Should Know About

Women’s orgasm is a subject that is noticeably missing from nearly all sex education courses. 

We are supposed to know about it almost exclusively on our own, but it could be difficult to find credible knowledge resources about it. 

The female orgasm is mired in certain myths and stereotypes and, as a consequence, may trigger conflicting perceptions between partners. 

Learning what an orgasm is, how specific the experiences are in every woman, and how it is produced will not only improve the likelihood of having one but also enable the relationship to be significantly better.

Now would be the time to broaden your awareness. This is everything you’ve always wondered about with orgasm, and perhaps your next sexual encounter will become the best one so far.

The following six points of female orgasms

1. A longer penis isn’t always better

As far as penis size is concerned, the bigger size does not always mean that it’s better, at least with regards to women’s desire to achieve vaginal or clitoral orgasm. 

A survey indicated that a longer than regular penis would not increase the probability of orgasm in several women. 

When prompted to select the best penis size for a mate, mostly chose a size that was just slightly beyond average.

2. Some Women Fake Orgasms

In case you have not yet noticed, there seem to be a lot of ladies who may have fake orgasms. Approximately 53 to 67 percent as per multiple research. 

The factors are all over the place: most of these women wanted their partner to look satisfied and feel special, others just wanted the penetrative sex to finish, and some preferred that their partner won’t feel bad. Society has put tremendous pressure on women to achieve a vaginal orgasm, which could escalate to sexual performance with guilt and anxiety.

Having an open dialogue on how your partner wishes to be touched and what brings her sexual pleasure will help increase sexual satisfaction in the relationship. It’s necessary to encourage ladies to have female sexual orgasms according to their standards but to also consider that both of you can be sexually fulfilled despite achieving one.

3. The female orgasm isn’t just about genital stimulation

There is a major psychological element to spontaneous female orgasms. Women who have deep feelings of desire for a casual sexual partner are much more inclined to achieve orgasm than women who do not have those feelings. As well as women who show a strong physical desire for a partner seem to be highly probable to get into orgasm.

Nipple and clitoral stimulation, and some other types of foreplay, can help you achieve an orgasm. 

Once nipples are aroused, the brain sends oxytocin, the very same hormone that induces uterine contractions. 

The contraction would then activate the genital region of the brain, reaching an orgasm despite vaginal stimulation or vaginal penetration.

4. Multiple orgasms are real

Upon having an orgasm, most people undergo a refractory phase, a duration of time in which no further orgasms are achievable, regardless of what kind of pleasure is given. 

This interval of the male orgasm will last from a few minutes to hours, making numerous orgasms a rare occurrence in men. 

Unlike men, women are capable of sustaining multiple orgasms at once and then back to back as soon as female sexual arousal progresses. 

Orgasms are mostly punctuated around 2-4 minutes. 

Therefore, the next time your partner hits the first climax, you shouldn’t settle! Continue pushing for the Big O!

5. Time is of the essence

A large number of mature women take a much longer time to peak than their male counterparts, and that’s completely natural. Females take an average of 15-45 minutes longer to reach climax than men do. 

If you ever find yourself reaching ecstasy before your partner does, or a more active sexual response cycle, just calm down, do a little more sexual play. 

Further foreplay like fondling, touching, and kissing makes anal sex or other form of sex play more intense. Women also need to get a little more warmed up. 

The biggest explanation for female fake orgasms has to do with the pressure that it is taking a long time as compared to men. So, if your primary objective is her intense sexual pleasure, be patient.

6. Stress & anxiety are orgasm’s number one enemy

Completely contrary to popular assumptions, the brain is our primary sex organ. And, just like many things, the mind and body depend on one another to coordinate whenever it comes to orgasms. 

We also know that stress can impede sex, and a busy day could put a strain on a woman’s desire to enjoy sexual intimacy. Try a hot massage, a heated bath, and foreplay, and your partner’s going to be on a one-way trip to the Big O. 

Furthermore, the lovely sort of understanding from a partner is what encourages a woman’s good self-expression.

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